Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Images of the past- Victorian and Edwardian fashion.

Today I went to a fashion parade with a difference. Most of the models had sewed their own costumes, which are replicas of Victorian and Edwardian designs. The former Otago Settlers' Museum has just re-opened after a lengthy renovation, and this was part of the celebration.

But first you must indulge me by looking at some pictures of my Scottish immigrant great-grandparents, William and Helen Wilson.

Here they are in the centre.

I was blown away when I came across this hand-tinted photo.

Now here are the lovely costumes:

This looks like it was inspired by a painting by Seurat.
Love that hat.

Note the tatted lace trim.
Purple and grey - tres elegant.

One of my favourites. This was beautifully made.

In the background is the engine "Josephine".
Note the crystal beading.
Burgundy with diamante trim
Purple with appliqued lace and a My Fair Lady hat
Caped crusaders.
It was inspiring seeing the way these women had put so much creativity and skill into their outfits.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Welling: an unexpected journey.

If Hobbits live in Hobbiton then Wellings must live in Wellington.
I was in our illustrious capital the week before the Hobbit preview and the excitement was building.
I op-shopped to my heart's content and raided a few fabric shops - lots of photos to show you in upcoming posts.
There was a brilliant exhibition in Te Papa of one man's collection of ceramics and metalware which he has gifted to the nation. His name is Walter Cook and I didn't have my camera on me but there are some on the link.
I think I even glimpsed two squirrels in Petone!
The airport terminal has a huge sign on it :"Middle of Middle Earth".

The luggage carousel has been appropriately transformed into Bag End.

Gollum is catching fish in the airport restaurant.

Gandalf knocks at the door of Bag End atop the Embassy Theatre.

A cute cafe in Petone called Sweet Pea.

Mmm, cupcakes

Risking my newly gluten-free status for a red velvet cupcake and cheese scone. Living dangerously.

Does this painting at Ti Kouka cafe remind you of a certain glamourous blogger?

Glorious retro kitsch at Meow Bar.

Sorry Trees that we didn't manage to meet up for a coffee but I know you're a very busy blogger.

Violet XXX.