Sunday, 27 January 2013

Brought to you by the colour green, and The Chills.

Today was a lovely summer's day at the Botanic Gardens, where there was a free concert by the classic Dunedin band The Chills.
That building with the gorgeous lyre-topped towers is called the band rotunda - God knows why because it's not round, it's rectangular. I suppose rectanglunda doesn't trip off the tongue as well.
The Chills, who have been playing in different incarnations since 1980, were great and played most of my favourites: Pink frost, Doledrums, Heavenly pop hit, The Male monster from the id, Rolling moon, Come home and Effloresce and deliquesce:
My colleague's husband is in the band and he played really well, as they all did.
My all-time favourite Chills gig was in the Dunedin Town Hall, on 8th July 1990, their "triumphant home-coming concert" (according to Wikipedia) after living in Europe for a few years. They were even treated to a mayoral reception. Here's a review of that gig by Jetsam. If memory serves me correctly, Martin Phillips played Norma, the huge town hall pipe organ made in 1919.
(Image by the New Zealand Organ Preservation Trust.)
Back to the garden. Even though I smothered myself in sunblock twice (an hour apart), I still got sunburnt. Those darned Celtic genes.
Thank goodness Blogger have sorted out their photo problems and I can show you some vintage delights which I have added to my collection.
 Jeanswest T-shirt (modern with an art deco print) - $6 from Invercargill Savemart.
 Elizabethan Carnaby ( or Rosina - they have different marks) tea-set with green flowers (because I totally need another tea-set!) - $20 from Invercargill hospice shop. 
Art deco glass and wood tray - had it for decades.
 Green and white glass vase - $3 from Dunedin Hospice shop.
Royal Winton Grimwades rectangular divided dish - about $5.  
Crown Ducal Delamere bread and butter plate.
Hand painted plate made in England, with irises and lake - $4 from Invercargill hospice shop.
Paisley towel - made it myself.
 Green cotton sheet - $2 from Gore Salvos 
 H&K Tunstall candlestick
 Crown Devon nut dish.
Sorry about the quality of the photos - the greens didn't come out very bright. Must try harder!
I recently had to travel to Invercargill because the Dunedin health system is overloaded (which wasn't helped by the fact that one of their employees recently stole $17,000,000), so I took the opportunity to look at the op shops. I found the clothing a bit disappointing as most of it was modern, but I found some nice other bits and bobs.
Tata for now,

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

More vintage treasure

Postcards are one of the many things I collect - here is my current favourite (although only a repro):

A ruffled satin skirt for $20

An original 70s shower curtain and plastic Caroma stool for $6

A 70s wrap maxi skirt $6

Beautiful blue brocade coat

Red El-Jay ultrasuede coat. Holy grail!

Peach 80s top - haven't had the nerve to wear this yet. Too soon?

Knit rose top

Green nana cardigan

Linen monochrome shirt

Flower top

"Egyptian" t-shirt

Blue suit

Turquoise dress

Embroidered Indian dress

70s (?) dressing gown

Liberty style shirt

Paisley cami and cardi

Cowl-necked top I made

Crushed cardi




Tina fridge magnets (I own a large version of the one on the left)

I adore this patchwork pompom toaster cosy.

Tata for now and stay cool across the ditch!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Wellington boots and all - part 2.

Some more fabrilicious delights from my trip to Wellington, plus some from auctions and op shops:
Arthur Toye

Arthur again

Sherazad Silks

Sherazad Silks

Sherazad Silks

Sherazad Silks

Sherazad Silks

Sherazad Silks

Sherazad Silks

Some silks I bought from Arthur Toye, for scarves

Rayon from the Salvation Army

Local Auction

Local auction

Local auction

Local auction

Local auction

Local auction

Local auction

Japanese silk crepe from Lower Hutt Hospice Shop

Chiffon from Lower Hutt Hospice Shop

Rayon from Lower Hutt Hospice Shop

Knit from Lower Hutt fabric shop

Knit from Lower Hutt fabric shop

Polyester from Lower Hutt Hospice Shop

Mesh knit from Lower Hutt fabric shop

Laura Ashley type cotton sheets from Mosgiel op shop

1970s Vintage sheets (still in package!) from Trade Me

Rayon fabric from Toffs op shop
I am afraid to say I have become addicted to our local auction house. They have regular auctions on Wednesdays and sometimes I take the day off work so I can attend. Is there an Auctions Anonymous group I can join?
I have also found some amazing things in the Mosgiel op shops. Mosgiel is a suburb to the south of Dunedin where a lot of retirees live, so there are some real gems if you hunt long enough. I will show you some in a future blog post.