Saturday, 30 March 2013

An Easter bunny poem

An Easter basket from the Columba College Fair
I am a bad rabbit
I am a mad rabbit
I am a lazy rabbit
I am a baby rabbit
Mummy is a bad rabbit
Mummy is a sad rabbit
because I am a bad rabbit
who has got a bad habbit
for being a bad rabbit
a mad rabbit a lazy
rabbit a baby rabbit

That was written by me aged 6, so please forgive the spelling mistake. Why oh why did my parents not get me therapy as soon as they read that?

I was obviously obsessed by clothes from a young age. Here's me aged 6 or 7:

Santa's on his way
I am a little fairy called Fluttery Flie. I work at Santa's workshop. I thought to myself, I will make a doll for Jane, a dollshouse for Debra, and a Sindy outfit for Elizabeth's Sindy doll. So I set to work making them. I nearly forgot a gun for Peter and a book for Susan. I was very busy. At last Santa came. He was ready to take the toys to the boys and girls. I asked Santa if I could go with him. He told me of course I could. I always wanted to go with him on his journey. At last I had a chance to see the children. I was very happy indeed.

Who's lazy and bad now? But why would I give a gun to a two year old?
I certainly remember being obsessed with interested in fairies, animals and books as well as clothes and hats. Talk about a shallow child!
They are hiding!

You can see why I never pursued a career as an artist!

My mother died twelve years ago, at Easter, so the story on the left hand side makes me a bit sad.
Over on the right hand side, I was a little confused over the Queen and the Queen Mother.
And I was into science fiction too, when I was five:

One day I will go to the moon said Susan to herself. I will go in a rocket to the moon. There will be windows in the rocket. I will wear a space helmet.

(Space travel is no longer one of my ambitions, nor is flying in Santa's sleigh.)
Maybe I wrote that after seeing the latest Pierre Cardin collection in Mum's Woman's Weekly. (Television was a late arrival in NZ, we didn't get one till the mid 60s).
So now I'm writing a blog, which seems like a natural progression from this little exercise book covered in palest green wallpaper with white polkadots and snowdrops. What do you think, do I have another literary masterpiece in my future?

The weather so far this Easter has been perfect, and I'm very excited, as my youngest brother, who wasn't born when the above blockbuster was created, is arriving from Australia tomorrow with two of his children, aged 7 and 5. Maybe I'll show them my first book!


Sunday, 24 March 2013

From geek to chic : vintage by Modern Miss

"From geek to chic" was a vintage fashion show held recently at our public library (insert librarian joke here).
It was part of Dunedin's ID fashion week, and showcased clothes from a local vintage shop called Modern Miss. 
The proprietor happens to be also called Violet, but I assure you it is not me!
Although I take issue with the title (I know all the models and none of them are geeks), it was a fabulous show.
It even made the front page of the local rag, the ODT (warning: article contains rampant abuse of "librarian" clich├ęs).

I have cropped out the models' faces, as some of them were reluctant models! Please email me if you would like a better picture.
As someone who has had many relatives affected by cancer, as well as myself, I supported the Relay for Life, which is a Cancer Society fundraiser where teams have to walk around a track, in relays, for 24 hours. Some of the teams had amazing costumes, and here are some of the best ones:

That's all for now - I am on holiday, which means I may take a few road trips for more vintage shopping!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Apricot, pumpkin, papaya and orange

Autumn is here, after what we in the South Island call a glorious summer, and those in the North Island call the worst drought since the 1940s.
Our Saturday farmers' market is chock-full of apricots, plums, peaches and berries. All the produce comes from Otago, and the hot summers and cold winters of the hinterland make for delicious fruit and veg (oh, and wine!).
A family member was working on my favourite stall, the bacon butty stall. I'll have to ask her the secret to Butty-man's crispy dry-cured bacon. I am a lapsed vegetarian, and unfortunately I was caught in the act of holding a bacon butty by my doctor, so I hope she will forgive me.
Pumpkins are another favourite of mine, and I've just started eating papaya/pawpaw, as it is supposed to be good for the skin.
According to research by Monash University, people with IBS should avoid apricots, because they contain polyols, advice which I have recklessly rejected!
Orange has a bad reputation. There are so many hi-vis safety vests around that they are becoming the norm.
Enjoy the more subtle shades, and the way they complement shades of blue, gray, black, green, purple, red and yellow.
In honour of Autumn (one of my top four favourite seasons), its delectable harvest and its glorious autumn leaves, I decided to ignore my garden (which looks like the set of Day of the Triffids) and photograph my ode to orange antiques and collectables.
Soda siphon lamp - inherited
blue/green Homemaker plastic plate - op shopped
ceramic fantail (native NZ bird) - bought new (!) in Arrowtown
Cedar carved chest - inherited.
Crown Devon shell shaped bowl - inherited
oriental chrysanthemum vase - inherited
cup, saucer & plate - inherited
mini toby jug - $4 from op shop
Staffordshire spill vase - inherited
velour tablecloth - Toff's
Orange & Blue
bowl - inherited
Amherst Japan cup - inherited
Brendan Adams salt & pepper - op shop
twee cross-stitch picture of boy - jumble sale at work
velour flowered panel - inherited
stained glass shell - made by me
orange & grey tea cosy - Trade Me
Annie Hayward print - Eastbourne gallery, Wellington
Orange & green
cat postcard - by Karel Burrows
terracotta sculpture - gift from parents
plastic lei - Auckland
Strang's Maori brand tin of mint - inherited
sandwich plate - op shop
Japanese fan - gift from niece
Gothic Wade Heath vase - op shopped
vase - made in England
embroidered tablecloth - inherited

 Orange & red
Shell bowl with coral handle - op shopped
coral necklace - op shopped
flame deco vase - op shopped
Villeroy & Boch tile - Petone hospice shop
Edmonds baking powder tin - inherited
beaded clutch - gift from Cheryl
cream & rust Carlton Ware plate - op shopped
glass flame vase - inherited
carnelian beads - High Street, Christchuech
checked tablecloth - inherited
 Orange & gold
shell necklace - op shop
carnival glass bowl - inherited
Log cabin tobacco tin - inherited
Belleek china - inherited
Nyal Huskeys cough lolly tin - inherited
flower print by R, A Foster - op shop
glasses - inherited
lipstick & enamel case - inherited
Moroccan leather bag - inherited
Mayfair super de luxe toffee tin - inherited
Royal Ivory Minerva oval plate - op shop
plastic & gold bead necklace - op shop
Empire ware octagonal plates - $1 each, op shop
hand painted tablecloth - inherited
 Indian embroidered dress - Trade Me
Paisley handbag - Invercargill Salvation Army
 Scarf magic book - Petone op shop
 Cardigan - Queenstown op shop

Postcards of paisley shawl and mask - Te Papa museum, Wellington
Postcard - Wellington
Marimekko tablecloth - Hopice shop
 Hawaiian fabric - op shop
French Suze Ice bucket - op shop

The scary thing is that I have even more orange crap to photograph!
A lot of it was inherited but I must confess to buying some of it. Do I have a problem?


Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Vintage roundup

Last weekend I went to the Vintage Roundup, which was a vintage fair held in the former Manhattan Lounge, the same space where my friend Kath had her wedding reception many years ago.
It has had a chequered past, including being a theatre and a pole-dancing studio.
Oops, you can almost see me reflected in the window. Wouldn't want to break my rule of no self-portraits!
These lovely stallholders were having a coffee break outside.
The stone wall borders the garden of the Temple Gallery, which was formerly Dunedin's Synagogue.
Moving on up the stairs...
I was sorely tempted by this hoard of vintage fabric, especially the zig-zag one (which looked much more lurid in real life) but my stash is already too big and I cannot lie.
Not pictured: a divine collection of vinyl airline bags.
A nice little collection of bits and bobs.
The trader had made some gorgeous luggage tags out of old felt souvenir badges, and some tiny wee felt dolls.
It was a fantastic fair, although the dresses I coveted were too expensive for me.
I did buy a lovely piece of jewellery which I will show you some other time.