Sunday, 29 September 2013

Timaru - Operation FOSSIC part 5

Still reeling from the glories of the Hospice Shop, I found the Red Cross Shop very underwhelming, and didn't choose anything there.
The St Vincent De Paul was a lot larger, more welcoming and buzzing with people.
Woollen (?) Green knit, $5.

Skirt, $1.
This was actually in the fill-a bag-for-$2 section but I didn't want a bag of rags!

Pink and black voile top, $5.

Petticoat from Savemart, $6.
Last week spring seemed to be in the air, so I took a few outfit photos.
Everything I wore was op-shopped, except for shoes and underwear. 
Black velvet jacket
Orange brooch
Flowered chiffon top
Black satin ruffled skirt

Green cardigan
Yellow brooch
Nautical print dress
Green tights
Blue Minnie Cooper shoes (retail)
Sombrero dress (lovely to wear, doesn't crease, and smells like grass!)
Orange beads
Coral necklace
Brown cardigan
See you soon, at Temuka.

Timaru - Operation FOSSIC part 4

The ladies in the Sally Army shop told me about the Hospice shop a few blocks away.
I have never seen a more beautiful op shop!
It looked more like an antique shop, with tasteful colour-themed displays everywhere.
Their prices were a little high, which might explain why they had so much stock.
(I did my best to declutter it.)
A mint condition beaded floral bag, $15.
(Very similar to the peacock bag I bought a few months ago.)
 A painting by E. Norrish for my father.
Peach bracelet, $5
Glass bead necklace, $5.

Pink, red and orange spotted and striped scarf, $10.
It's not long enough for my taste, so I'm going to chop it in half and sew the ends together.
Timaru was stunning, with the sea on one side and the snow-capped Southern Alps on the other.
One more post about Timaru coming up, then it's on to Temuka.

Timaru - Operation FOSSIC part 3

Late on day 2, I crossed over the border into Canterbury and was searched by armed border guards  checked into my accommodation.
A chilly but uneventful night, except for falling off the step and nearly breaking my leg.
My plan for the day was to start with an op shop I remembered from several years ago.
Quelle horreur, it had morphed into a pluty interior design store!
Fortunately, the manager was a friendly type and wrote out screeds of instructions for finding the local Armee du Salut (Salvation Army).
 Royal Winton plate, $5
Leaf brooch, $3.
I have a large collection of Royal Winton, I absolutely love it, and I've never seen this design before.
 Just plain evil without my coffee mug, $1.
Curtain with massive flowers, $6.
Coming up next: more Timaru treasure.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Oamaru - Operation FOSSIC part 2.

Continuing my slow trek north, I stopped at the Oamaru Furniture Family Store.
I'd never been there before, as it's slightly out of town, and closes early.
I found a beautiful black and white decanter, which cold be 1970s Scandinavian, for $6.
 A very grey spring day with a light drizzle.
And a Bovril cup marked Bristol for $1 (I love vintage advertising ware).
A contemporary Jo Howard (a Dunedin artist) blue porcelain beaker and spoon for $1.50 (she was robbed!).
A short distance north is a second hand shop, whose name escapes me, where I found a Crown Lynn Dorothy Thorpe Pine dinner plate for $5.
It's a dark grey/blue with lilac craquelure decoration.
St. Vincent de Paul is on the other side of town.
I found a beautiful green, blue and purple possum fur and wool scarf for $2.
Possums are a massive threat to our native flora and fauna, so I don't mind wearing it.
I also pounced on a plastic Bambi plaque for 50c.
It's marked Manufactured by Harrison Jeavons & Co., Ltd., King St., Leicester. LE8 3LS, Walt Disney Productions.
OBD no. 2 and another overload of cuteness!
My final stop was the Waitaki Trading Post.
This lovely bit of turquoise, pink and gold fabric was free!
I first saw this Rorstrand Pomona casserole there nine months ago, but didn't get it then because it was slightly damaged.
Now I have done my research and snapped it up because of its gorgeous design.
It was hidden under a pile of junk and marked $3.
A red, orange, purple and green Marie plate made by Westminster in Australia, $10.
And finally for the day, a cushion cover embroidered with a stag's head and thistles for $2.
I'm thinking of framing it, as I have too many cushions.
OBD no. 3!
Coming up next time: some Timaru treasure.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Waikouaiti and Palmerston - Operation FOSSIC

Last week I loaded up the car with some random CDs (North Mississippi Allstars, The Band, Omar & The Howlers, Boban I Marko Markovic, The Fiery Furnaces, William Bell, James Brown, Ace 30th birthday celebration, Al Green, The Mannish Boys, and Bettye Lavette) and set off on my big road trip to Canterbury, Operation FOSSIC (Fabulous Opshops and Secondhand Shops Of Canterbury). For those who don't know NZ, Canterbury is the province north of ours (Otago), and has a population about three times ours, so I was hoping there would be three times the number of op shops that we have.
The first stop was Waikouaiti, where I found a couple of vases in The Oddity:

I saw this wall vase the last time I was in Waik a couple of months ago, so I was pleased it was still there.
She was $5, and has a bit of damage to her lapel, but I love her, especially her golden shoe.
She has a certain insouciance.
She looks like she could be from the 1940s.
My first (of many!) deer was $10. How cute is that?

 Then it was onward to Palmerston, where I found the first of my Crown Lynn scores.
The green and yellow Sorrento mug in the middle was $1 from the grimiest shop I have ever been into, Trash Converters.
I've photographed it with my orange Sorrento mugs and white plate.
The next stop was Oamaru. I'll leave you with a wee taste of its architecture.
 The Foundation of the Blind.

 The Catholic church.
  I wonder what a holy shop sells? Holiness?

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Another Vintage Roundup

A few weeks ago I attended the Vintage Roundup Fair, held in the Lone Star, a former Texan-themed restaurant in all its pseudo-adobe gloriousness.

You might recognise the Two Squirrels, who are about to open a new shop in Milton:
 I was very restrained and only bought a starfish brooch from them, which I forgot to photograph.
I was trying to save money for Operation FOSSIC (Fabulous Opshops and Secondhand Shops In Canterbury - stay tuned for my next post!)

A rack of Squirrel treasure.
One of the stalls had a fantastic hat collection.
In unrelated news, I made a crochet hook holder.
I couldn't believe how well it turned out, because I made up the pattern as I went along.
It cost me absolutely nothing, as the fabric was a gift and the bias binding was from my nana's stash. 

Having just returned from week-long operation FOSSIC, I have lots of photography to catch up on.
I bought so many thrifty finds that I will have to break them down into several posts.
Oh, and I met the gorgeously inspirational Helga Von Trollop - details soon!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

A galaxy of sombreros

When I found this golden sombrero dress in the Salvation Army I was very excited. 
It has a peter pan collar and is a beautiful soft linen type fabric.
Curiously it was unfinished, although not home-made, so I put in a metal zip from my stash and finished the hem.
It's a shift so I'm guessing it's from the 1960s.
Ha ha, not long ago I said I couldn't wear yellow!

I love the greeny-yellow spot print on this skirt as well.

Another recent find was this modern chiffon paisley dress.
I can't walk past a piece of psychedelic paisley, I'm only human.

Ditto with this more muted purple and blue paisley skirt, which has now been taken in.
Sorry about the lack of action shots - I find self-portraits really time-consuming.
Now if I could find a paisley sombrero, my mission would be complete.