Sunday, 24 August 2014

Reasons for blogging part one : with a special guest.

It's been so long (2 months) since I last blogged that I almost forgot how to do it.
But that doesn't matter because a visit from Australian blogger extraordinaire
Leisa of Vintage Bird Girl has inspired me to post.
I had to crop myself out of the picture because I am extremely vain and it wasn't a good photo of me!
It's lucky that Leisa's and my tastes are so similar -
her scarf is the same as a piece of fabric I have in a different colourway. 
  We had brunch and a long chat at Modaks Espresso and she gave me some wonderful gifts:
Some groovy fabric which I'm going to make into a skirt,
and some beautiful jewellery, a postcard and a rose dish.

Here are some clothes I've bought lately, most of them vintage:
A 1970s (?) nylon knit top which has lots of small holes
which you can't really see but will bug me until I patch them.
I'm going to make a mash-up with sleeves from another brown and yellow top I bought for parts.

A divine blue and white sundress 

A paisley nightshirt.

I love this sort of almost geometric pattern.

Faux-patchwork for summer if it ever gets here.
A psychedelic flying-saucer dress, not terribly vintage but I like it.

Another shirt-dress, from the Vintage Roundup fair, with a spot and iris print.
Here's a close-up of the leaves and berries:

The print on this one is heavenly.
Yes, I know, I wear a lot of purple and blue (see the name of this blog!)

This dress has a glorious ruffle around the collar.
I think these flowers are tulips (any gardeners out there agree?)
Reasons for not blogging:
I just haven't felt that motivated lately.
I have taken on a volunteer role in my spare time, and the restructuring at work is dragging on, so it all takes its toll.
It's not that I don't enjoy blogging, but other stuff gets in the way.
Anyhoo, I've got a large backlog of photos, so you never know when my next post will be.